Eliza Magazine is gearing up to launch a travel issue this fall, and what better way to keep up the momentum then by featuring travel memories and photos on their blog.
I am very excited to have my Japan photos and commentary featured on the Eliza blog! Eliza has courage and I love it...
"ELIZA Magazine is created for women who want to be stylish, sexy, and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle. In a media culture that frequently objectifies and commercializes women and their bodies, ELIZA strives to provide an alternative to the current mainstream media that emphasizes sex and skin in order to push products or sell magazines." (elizamagazine.com)

Let's just put it out there...I am obsessed with Japan.
**My disclaimer: these were all taken with a point & shoot, so I apologize if the quality looks poor.

The people of Japan
The Japanese are sweet, humble, and hospitable. They are excited to serve and host travelers. And of course, the fashion is amazing! It's all about boots with bright tights, oversized baggy tunic tops, scarves, and peacoats. But shoppers beware, I am a US size 2 and felt like a giant trying to shop in their stores - I fit in their largest size! Also, they all speak english, but are often too modest to admit it! Any Japanese person would be happy to help you find your way through the Japan Rail system, they are all so friendly and eager to practice their english. And, you haven't seen grace until you have observed a geisha float by you as you wander through a Japanese temple or garden.

Pretty scenes & things
This country has it all - ancient serene gardens and temple grounds rich in culture, and just a trainride away, a booming mecca of electronics and fashion! And do I need to even mention how amazing Japanese food is? Well, it's even better when it's 100% authentic. Learn a little sushi etquette here. Ita daki mas!

"Sakura" = Japanese cherry blossoms
These cherished beauties are only in bloom for 2 weeks out of the year. I couldn't believe my luck to have been surrounded by the lovely pink blossoms throughout my whole week in Japan! I loved how the Japanese people truly appreciate this event. They were all out and about celebrating with festivals and parties, taking photos, and touring their own country. They even make cherry blossom ice cream!

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