last week, totally rad actions had a raw photo contest. raw, as in, straight out of the camera (no edits).
and i was a photo of anna (from the san diego photog shootout) is being featured on the totally rad actions website!
this really made my day, because i just LOVE totally rad actions and am so excited to have their new lightroom presets on top of their photoshop actions that are so near and dear to me! they are life savers.

now to the fun can go to their website and test out their new lightroom presets on my photo!

click HERE.....
scroll all the way to the right in the photo bar below....then you will see my photo fourth from the right. click on it, and then you can click on different lightroom presets and see the photo magically transform into awesomeness!!!! i had a lot of fun doing this. my favorite preset on my photo is crystal ship.

original photo:

photo with the crystal ship preset applied:

love it!


  1. Awesome Jenn!!! I would be dancing on the tree tops. The image rocks!

  2. Let me tell you what a blessing it is to see a photographer like yourself get it correct in camera!! The more we can capture in camera the less we spend on editing and that available time goes into our lives and marketing ourselves. :-) Great work!! It's also SO RAD (no pun intended) to see an image from our event be the winner in that contest!!! What did you win from them?


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