starting a new feature on my blog called "friday high fives" so i can showcase some things that have been making me smile lately...let me know what you think! this week the high fives go to...

1. pop chips - never baked, never fried. i'm so addicted! try the sea salt & vinegar. sounds weird but it's amazing!

2. my new bike - last weekend after a family shoot in long beach will took me to a bike shop and got me a new cruiser! it is so much more comfortable than my last one. i am only 5'2" so it can be hard to find a bike that "fits" me. i'm so excited about it! don't have a photo of my new bike but here's proof of how much i loved my old one!

3. she & him - so in 2007 will and i went to an m. ward concert. in the bathroom i exchanged smiles with the cutest girl in the cutest dress, cowboy boots, and cardigan (yes, i remember what she was wearing, so my style). when i noticed the same girl come on stage during the end of m. ward's set and she sang like the prettiest bird in the world i was blown away. i was so sad when i couldn't find any recordings of them together, or even a live recording from the show. and then the next year BOOM, they had an album out together, m. ward and zooey deschanel, and i was so pleased! seriously, these two talented musicians have given me HOURS and HOURS and HOURS of happiness. i was almost so lucky as to get to photograph her at her live show this month but the photo pass didn't come through. which is actually good since i can dance so much more freely without a heavy camera hanging off my neck!

4. babies movie - comes out next weekend and i am getting more and more excited! here is a screenshot i stole from the trailer, but you can see more screenshots on my personal blog. if you haven't seen the trailer yet you MUST watch it! go HERE.

5. new babies - no, we are not having a baby anytime soon. but i am in heaven with all these new babies around me!
congrats nicole & jeff, jill & kenny, carly & david!! lots of baby showers coming up too! wow!

well, i gotta get choppin...we're having a giant salad for dinner. have a great weekend folks!


  1. I love the high five fridays! Keep em' comin! I hadn't heard about this baby movie! Cute!

  2. i'm totally trying the salt & vinegar!!! i LOVE salt & vinegar pringles, but they make me feel too guilty because i end up eating the whole... tube? can? you know what i mean :)

  3. oooh i love zooey deschanel! that bike picture of you is hilarious! haha i've been wanting one forever now!


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