i was so lucky to go to the image is found shootshop this month!

do you watch arrested development?

me = gob bluth
nate & jaclyn kaiser of the image is found = tony wonder

how did the shootshop affect me?

i have always been creative...i just love to make things. and i have always tried hard to be different and stand out. i hate genericness (i thought i just made up a word but i checked the dictionary and it's legit). for years my photography has always been driven by my creativity. the technical aspects of being able to manually manipulate a camera was the part i felt i had to struggle through. but last week the shootshop actually rechallenged my creativity. and it challenged it good and hard, it felt like it got punched in the face. what i learned is pushing me to work harder to stand out amongst the sea of photographers. and it got me super pumped to do my photography MY way and to run my business MY way without getting sucked into the cyclone of sameness we call the photography industry.

anyway...the shootshop was held in their super cool studio. i took my camera along when we went outside for the shoot and took some behind the scenes was so fun to see nate & jaclyn in action!

also i have to give a shoutout to CINDEE & STEPHANIE! i had so much fun with these 2 ladies that i hardly got to know anyone else. but everyone there was definitely awesome. i can't wait to see where they take their businesses!

p.s. i'm not doing friday high fives anymore. i don't want to be obligated to post 5 things i like every single friday...i'm a little more spontaneous than that and it felt like a chore. i'd rather spend that time working on photos!


  1. awww thanks girl!! You weren't soo bad yourself, lol!! Btw,thanks for not posting a picture of me, lol!!!!

  2. Awww girl I wanna hear alllll about it!!! Seriously, let's grab coffee! Please?!! :)

  3. I love your behind the scenes shots.

    Instead of doing friday high fives you could do just plain ol' high high fives. :) no pressure high fives.

  4. OMG... i could be making the ugliest face ever in that photo. Nice behind the scenes pix (=

  5. i LOVE how you edited ALL of these!! how did you do them? :) hehe.


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