this week's high fives go to...

1. nieces & nephews! i love having so many cuties nearby. this is charlotte. i got to take her to the zoo on wednesday. then she came over and we watched yo gabba gabba, took a nap, and read books. soon she will be living around the corner from me! we're so excited :)

2. nie nie
this woman is one of the strongest i have ever heard of. what an inspiring story.

3. a better work schedule
starting this week i am half-time at my job as a behavior therapist, which means a LOT more time to focus on my photography! working full-time and being a part-time photographer is crazy! it is hard to work all day and then work all night! i know people who make it work but you have to say goodbye to having a LIFE! i am so glad i can find a little bit better balance now.

image from

4. LOST.
although i am quite unhappy with this week's episode (let's just say something happened to my most favorite spoiler here) i have been hooked on this show for years. i will have to adjust to life after lost (finale is on may 23) and it will be tough.

5. mom.
my mom adopted 10 children, cared for hundreds of foster children in her home, and owned 3 daycares. her whole life is serving others. she is mom to many and i am so lucky to be her daughter. and i really love her photos from the 70's. also, i stole this dress from her closet.


  1. Charlottes gorgeous! Fun photo of mom! :)

  2. I loved that video! It was touching. And isn't mom gorgeous? :)

  3. that is an amazing picture of your mom. i could stare at it all night. she is beautiful. a wonderful woman.

  4. This is the first time I've heard of Stephanie Nielson. I didn't know what the video was about beforehand. I think I went through a box of tissues while watching it and reading her blog.

  5. Also, I wanted to add a wow for your mom. That's amazing!!


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