here are this week's HIGH FIVES...
don't forget to tell me what you think about them!

1. dr. mario. nerd alert! i know. but i just bought the game on ebay because we can't lie to ourselves anymore. we're obsessed. and we're really good at it. it's a cycle of success. my husband likes to play it online HERE but i refuse to play it unless i have a nintendo controller in my hands.

2. "hour of the wolf" by adam kesher. a new song that you can dowload for FREE HERE. do it! i'm serious. it will make your whole week. i'm obsessed! (also i tested the download, it's legit)

3. mod podge. this is a miracle product. you can make anything cooler with modpodge. i love using it for projects and's seriously amazing!

4. vintage boots. i am a huge collector of many things vintage but especially boots. a lot of my friends even call me "boots" because a few years ago, i only wore boots for a few months times. they are so hard to store and sadly i have had to sell or give away many pairs (which i always regret). and they have been harder to find over the last few years. maybe that's why i appreciate them all the more.

photo from

5. springtime. i love all the beauty found in spring.

and the weather here this time of year is so perfect! tomorrow my husband and i are going to enjoy the beach together...surfing, a picnic, and hopefully a bit of a tan. enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. To this day, in conversation, we still call you Boots! I'm jealous of your warm weather. It's getting very cold here!

  2. We need to have a Dr. Mario tournament. I might be a little competition for you.

  3. I like the idea of having a Dr. Mario tournament too! Love that game!!! :D


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