halfway through my pregnancy over here!
will took some photos of my 20-week baby bump!
and we had lots of fun getting violet to pose for the camera :)
2-year-olds can be tricky!

and here is little violet hamming it up for the camera!

i was sent this photography backdrop support to review,
from the online store yescomusa

i was so excited because it's been awhile since i've used a backdrop,
and i have never had one of my own!
we had so much fun playing with it!

i would love to start shooting more kiddos with a backdrop.
even though i consider myself a natural light photographer,
i don't mind shooting with flash to achieve certain looks.
i love the way a child's personality can shine through these photos!

for photographers: 
here's more details about the backdrop & support stand.

+ it's completely adjustable (up to 8 feet high & 10 feet wide)

+ works with many different types of backdrops (i prefer a white paper roll)

+ very quick & easy to build and break down

+ stores easily in a compact bag
all i used was the backdrop support, a paper roll backdrop,
some clamps to hold the backdrop up, and i shot using my regular flash!
i will definitely be buying some light stands now too! 

check out yescomusa for great deals on photography
lighting, backgrounds, backdrop kits, lightboxes, and accessories.

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